Author Topic: Gravicake is now available!  (Read 7363 times)

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Gravicake is now available!
« on: November 22, 2014, 04:56:26 pm »
Gravicake has been released on the Android market. It's free, so everyone with an Android device should go get it. Please share it with every single person you know. The success of this app is all about volume, specifically a large volume of people who might click the ads :black teeth: I made the ads show up at most every 30 seconds so if you die a lot it won't keep bugging you.

Matt said he had an issuextra where the ad sometimes didn't load and he had to close it but I haven't seen that issue yet. The graphical are also nicer than what I had earlier in the spring. It's also not quite as difficult as back then.
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