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Author Topic: THE PET DRAGONS DICTIONARY!  (Read 27649 times)
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« on: February 29, 2008, 01:18:27 pm »

If you can think of any additional terms feel free to add them here:
 The Pet Dragons Dictionary-by FierceDragoness  red smile

Admin - Short for Administrator.

AA- All around board

BB- Bebo

BD-Bebo Dragons!!!! you want a second dragon?!?! you got it at Bebo red smile

Bloater – Dragons who use most (if not all) of their turns to gain weight.

Boasting - When a  Dragon/Trainer constantly claims that they are "better" than other dragons or that they would "easily defeat" other dragons.  Boasting Dragons are often issued "The Call (see below)

Bottom Feeders – Dragons that attack those who are a lot smaller and defenseless.

BR - Battle Record.

Braggart - A boastful dragon who has been issued "The Call" (see below), but refuses to reveal his/her stats.There is severe lack of respect associated with being called a Braggart.

Bullies - Dragons who attack one Dragon on many occasions, often in a row.

Bumped- to be bumped is when you are assisting some one and you get displaced from the assist by a bigger/better dragon.

Capped- when one's dragon has the most amount of fight/combat skill it can have for its weight.

Cave Bug- Everything you need to know about the cave bug, who comes and visits us every April Fools day! red smile Everyone who checked in on their dragon on April 1, 2008 saw the cave bug attacking them and received the Is a hacking??? achievement!

Cavers - Dragons who stay in their caves and only come out to use their turns.

CB (Mr. Wire)-Crackbook, see FB aka the mothership of PD (Katterb22)

C&D - Craig and Danny the developers of Pet Dragons.

Chicken McNugget - A dragon who attacks a much larger and more experienced dragon!

CP- Collecting Points/skill, the points you gain when you use your turns to search for gold.

CS- Combat Skill.

Cupcake People(BRT) -A species of living cupcakes that are known to be involved with GOG. Read the forum to find out more!

Dev’s - Short for Developers. (Craig & Danny. Also Brian - the inside man of Pet Dragons.)

Digger – See Hoarder.

Dragonsitter(MasterFool)-someone who logs into your facebook account daily and takes your turns for you and whatever else you the dragon trainer ask for them to do.They do this while you(the dragon trainer) are on vacation or for some reason cannot get to a computer for a certain number of days.


Farming/Farmer - Repeatedly attacking the same Dragon for their gold. [Can also mean attacking the weakest, richest Dragons.]

FB- Face Book.

Firebreathing Turkey- Turkey who attacked all pders on thanksgiving of 07' all who saw the fire breathing turkey got the turkey slayer achievement

Flame War - Where two or more trainers get into a yelling match in the forum. This is highly frowned upon, so try not to get into one.

Flight - A group of dragons (i.e. The GDA)

FS - Fighting Skill.

GDA(Global Draconian Alliance) - A well known group of Dragons who work together to help protect those who are bullied and/or without many friends.

GLICK (Av)- when one GLOMP's then LICK's another

GMPDC(Girly Man Pink Dragon Club) - GOG’s(see famous posters) term for the GDA. His arch enemies.

GSH- Gravitationally Significant Hoard

Gulp- Gamblers Gulp, the negate of PoFAR, still debating on whether it is a gdd (good dragon drug) or a bdd (bad dragon drug)


Hatchday- the day that your dragon was hatched (birthday)

Helpermonkey-A dragon that mostly assists other dragons with their defenses AKA Medic.

Hoarder - A dragon who uses the majority of his/her turns to collect gold.  Many (but not all) Hoarders are also Cavers.

HM-Heaping Mound


Juicer- A dragon that uses PoFAR constantly.

Jumper-A caver who does not come out at the same time everyday to get turns, they come out randomly or a different times every day.

Kestrel Defense(Lady_Dragon) - When being attacked repeatedly, one counter attacks and wins more from their attacker than the attacker stole from them. Named for the first documented (via forum) case of this.


LMoG- Literal Mountain of Gold

Lofty Goalers(Bella)- A dragon who has no chance that attacks a rich, experienced dragon



OH- Overflowing Hoard

Parade-a bunch of incomings at one time,usually a daily occurance.

Party-a bunch of incoming at once, once in a while

Party bag (Pete) - gold that is stolen in a raid (usually used when the owners of the dragons involved know each other

PD - Pet Dragons.

Peasant - The lowest form of Farmers.  These users illegally create alternate PD accounts which they only use to collect gold. They then Farm these accounts.

Pepper Juice - A Flask of Habanero Concentrate

Petdragict(BRT) - Someone who is a total Pet Dragon fanatic.  Come on... we logged in at Christmas... lolol.

Pieces Puzzle - Little pieces of parchment found randomly, introduced in the game on June 14, 2008 and has kept most people busy trying to assemble the mystery!

Pillager - See Raider

Preciouses - the (currently promised, but not yet available) rare find treasure bonuses

Pretties – Items from the shop.

PoFAR - (bad dragon drugs) a Potion of Furious Angry Rage.


Rage- to rage is to use PoFAR

Raider - Dragons who acquire nearly all of their gold through battling other dragons.

Revenge Attack- When one gets attacked and looses gold and in retaliation attacks the dragon they lost the gold to, to see if they can get it back.

Shinys - Gold!! Pet Dragon currency. Good stuff right there.

Tag Team-when two or more dragons get together and attack the same dragon at the same time

The Call (BRT)- A demand that a boastful dragon reveal his/her stats to determine if they are worthy of attack. Refusal to answer the Call makes one a Braggart (see above).

Trainers - Pet Dragon owners.

Turns- always refers to midnight PD Time (CST)or 6am GMT.  It is when turns are released/renewed each day,  AKA Turnover, Rollover.

UNCLE(United Caver Lurker Extraordinaires)(Chris&Vi)- A group that stalks cavers/hoarders and tries to get the best raids from them.


Whiny Tail(Tadia) - A Trainer who is constantly complaining about being attacked all the time, or not enough, or not getting enough gold, or getting too much…


*L* (Kestrel)- shorthand for laughter

*snertz*  (Kestrel)- basically like snorting, a form of laughter (also found in the chat room)

The “L” word - Life. As in "Oh, he has a real life so he doesn't log into his dragon as much as he should."

The “S” word – Spend. To use your gold in exchange for items. (Take note that most Trainers have a hard time saying this word!)

Gold Range Abbreviations(by amount):

AC-appreciable cache
NPG or NPOG- Numerous Piles of Gold
FBOC-Flowing Bed of Coins
TCF-Treasure Covered Floor

note: Although i can make them, I haven't heard abbreviations for the other gold ranges which is why they aren't in here.

Chat Room Terms

Defenestrate- To throw some one/thing out of a window, this is an actual but uncommon word,but it is used very frequently (if not the most used word) in the chat room therefore it is recognized as an official pd word.

Draglomped- its the same thing as glomp (see chat terms in the official dictionary) except its your dragon that does the glomping!

DUCKY #1- A special kind of PD player, see below all the current Ducky #1's, yes u can have more than 1 Ducky #1 :-)

Glomp- a tackle hug used in Chat very often, its a good thing red smile

Is a hacking???-created on April Fools day by a fellow player who did not understand that the cave bug was a joke. It became so famous in chat that is now the name of the new cave bug achievement!

LICK!(Vi)- a term that is rather controversial of its self depending on how used. Original meant to be a term used if you were a future target of one but has since grown to also mean a term of affection and endearment towards another.

RACL (Iain)- roll around cave laughing

The Echo (Erik & Arian) :With the chat as popular as it is, and people coming and going, things are beginning to echo.
The walls of the chat are beginning to wear down, from over use.  It's not as sound proof as it  once was, this is possibly due to the rocks that are constantly being thrown around at computers that don't work, or offending chatters...

The Gnomes:  The SCABS that have replaced the faeries.  Little is know about these mysterious quiet pint sized repair people, except that they still have not fixed the echo.

The NanoFaerieBots (Chris & Averroës) :  The seemingly friendly semi-robotic faeries are supposed to maintain the walls, and prevent echo.  It is their job to repair damages, and keep the chat free of unwanted reverberation.  Of late the faeries have been neglecting the walls, the echoes are getting worse.  They took an extended coffee break and eventually went on strike for unknown reasons.  There are even rumors that the faeries have been stealing organs from chatters...

Tiny Triangles-EVIL! A game called Patchworks, introduced to us all by Mickey, and now we are all completely addicted!
see if you can get addicted!

Ouberty Stick (GP, Vi)- increases or decreases your hottibleness until you sit on the nobfire. The ouberty stick is controlled by Av and Kat. it is indestructible.

*POP*(Kestrel) - When a chatter is pulled out of the chat room through the Revolving Door by the Vortex and
immediately returns (If you see it, say it! The terms used are now Snap! Crackle! Pop! but remember they are supposed to go in order when you say them!)

Revolving Door(Kestrel) – Chat room term to describe what happens when someone continuously enters and leaves the
chat room. (Controlled by the Vortex! *Gasp*)

Vortex(Kestrel) - A powerful spinning energy which lurks outside the chat room and periodically sucks people through
the revolving door.
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R.I.P. Joshua "Maniac" Giddings~ I love you and miss you Kiss  red tongue
The PD Dictionary!
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« Reply #1 on: February 29, 2008, 01:24:06 pm »

If you think anyone else deserves to be recognized as a famous person/dragon of PD please add and Tell Why here: red smile
Who's Who in Pet Dragons:

Benji- A well known poster with his infamous half dragon/ half Kraken GOG the Deceiver.

Blackened Rose Thorn- aka BRT- well known poster, 2nd to hit 1000 posts. Always ready to reply, and has lively ideas of his own.

Blessed- One of the two people who solved the pieces puzzle

Chris (also known as Av, or (Sleight)ofhand) and the Äetwinns-he made a the new come get some thread, which is the first thread of a member to be sticked by the devs. Also a co-founder of UNCLE

Dragor- Former head admin of the GDA and also a well known poster, especially in the ones where Gog has been.

Dragonais- created (in my opinion) one of the most useful threads on the whole forum, one that i think everyone should bookmark in fact!! check it out here....

FierceDragoness aka Sher (Drasylera)- (as Violet puts it)- She is the Merriam-Webster of the PD world until it gets added to the official PD dictionary it's not a real word. Also second person to have one of her thread stickied by the dev's.

Gaz- a poster who's dragon is a well known hoarder. New #1 most wealthiest dragon in pd!

Kestrel-aka Kes- She’s the one not afraid to tell it how it is, and is never afraid to give her opinion on a topic. Also the term Kestrel Defense is named after her!

Master Fool-  aka MF - The first to have 1000 posts. Quite humorous he is and always has good ideas.

MrWire- started the Pictures of your dragon (that you made, not other's art please) thread! (recognized poster on the forum)

Nigra- a poster who's dragon is a well known Bloater.

Noreen- Always gives her input in the forum and has posted on many threads including the famous never ending word association game! (recognized poster on the forum)

Pox- maybe the newest poster to be put in here but is well known for his poetic posts, added here by popular demand, we love your posts pox red teeth

Sara- the first of us to reach Draconic Legend. Also she has good ideas but we haven’t seen her much lately but are sure she will return to us one day. And this is the same Sara who created our beloved dragon smileys, and the Saracons- which are the item images in the shop. Thank You Sara    black smile blue smile gold smile green smile red smile silver smile

Shatiz- he is always full of good ideas. Known for his long posts, and many others cannot help but to agree with him because he is always right.

Violet-aka Vi- known for being the chat room addict, or queen of the chat room, she hardly ever leaves the chat room, and is known by all who have visited the chat room regularly and probably those who come in sparingly. Co-founder of UNCLE

Wowbagger- One of the two people who solved the pieces puzzle

Xovran- is the individual that has given many ideas to the devs about application layout... and is also known here for his/her 1000 page posts...

Ravenex- Brian    )
Tesserex- Craig   >  The Dev’s  enough said! red smile
Zedarius- Danny  )

The Lovedragons- PD's very first couple Kat and Erik <3 Who met and fell in love through PD  red smile

SherBert- couple Sher and Paul aka BlackenedRoseThorn who found each other through PD

The triple threat- Shatiz, Master Fool, and BRT- if your thread hasn’t had posts from these three then something is wrong. btw, the triple threat is a good thing  red smile

The Twins-Dragonlady and Lady__Dragon both confuse not only them selves but everyone around them because of their names both are known posters of the forum and in the chat room where they especially get mixed up  red tongue

Famous People in the Chat Room

Bella- She makes up lots of new words, especially the ones in the chat room! Also is owner of a rare type of dragon who is a caver and a raider!

Fidskey- Fiddler and Whiskey

Fidskeytot(Bella)- Fidskey's son

Meson(Bella)-Me's son

Mickidren(Bella)-Mickey's children

Mickeyteen(BRT)- Mickey's oldest

Mickey- She introduced us to the Evil Tiny Triangle Game known as Patchworks.

sophidot- lady sophira's daughter

Totias(Kat)- Tadia's children

Famous Dragons of PD

Averroës- Know as one of the most dedicated raiders. He is the only raider to raid into the top 10 on the wealth list.

Bella's Dragon- a rare type of dragon who is a caver and a raider!

Burnyou- second oldest dragon, owned by one of the developers- Danny Olefsky

BlackenedRoseThorn- was in a long awaited battle with GOG,who gave him the call long ago before he grew up.He has called GOG out for another battle in the near future. A dragon aspiring to get to the top of the leader boards! Owned by BRT (see above)

Da'nin Cailleach- Formerly one of the two strongest dragons in PD and has gone to the PD afterlife and has been brought back as Brigit- dragon of Fiddler

Fraya- Former #1 best raider, kinda like the Sean of the smaller dragons, She is one for always having a daily parade.

GOG – Well known dragon who opposes the GDA. Trainer is Benji (see above) he is a unique half dragon half kraken.

HeartBurn- former #1 wealthiest dragon, every Raider wanted a piece of him!

Ravenex- #1 all around dragon, which means shes high on all the other leader boards, definetly a force to be reckon with. Owned by one of the developers- Brian Schwartz

Ruaidhrí- well known fighter,held the #2 spot for a while in best all around rank and replaced Ravenex as #1 for a short period of time.

Sean- former best raider,held #1 best raid from January till March of 2008, also #1 raider from July2008- ___ 2008, he's known to work really hard at being a top fighter! Dragon of Violet(see above)

Silchas Ruin- Formerly known as the strongest dragon in PD, and who has gone to the PD afterlife and has been reincarnated into Inslash Icur- dragon Whiskey Jack

Tesserex- The oldest dragon of PD, owned by one of the developers Craig Schwartz

DUCKY #1's(mostly a chat thing)

Benji- The original Ducky #1, he is how the whole thing started lol. Owned by GOG. First talked about here by Kestrel, reply #161,pg 11:

Vi- not a ducky her self but is the head of all the duckys! her duckys include:
Sher, Av, Mickey,Loki and Jules.

Sher also has duckys of her own they are as follows:
Jack, Fro, Clav, Loki and Gaz.

Mickey has Av and Loki as her ducky.

Lady Sophira has CurryBreath as her Ducky.
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R.I.P. Joshua "Maniac" Giddings~ I love you and miss you Kiss  red tongue
The PD Dictionary!
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« Reply #2 on: February 29, 2008, 01:25:42 pm »


Please post here   if there is a word that you would like added to the dictionary! Thank You red smile

R.I.P. Joshua "Maniac" Giddings~ I love you and miss you Kiss  red tongue
The PD Dictionary!
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« Reply #3 on: November 20, 2008, 04:25:27 pm »


Dictionary: GSH- Gravitationally Significant Hoard

R.I.P. Joshua "Maniac" Giddings~ I love you and miss you Kiss  red tongue
The PD Dictionary!
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