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Title: OMG Real PD1 Updates! WHAT?!?!
Post by: Tesserex on July 03, 2014, 05:40:26 pm
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All dragons happy! I just rolled out the first set of minor updates to PD1. It's almost entirely bug fixes and back end improvements, but the list is still a bit long, so here goes:

  • Links to dragon profiles are fixed!
  • Profile wall posting is fixed!
  • Most (hopefully all) pages should properly resize vertically, so no more internal scroll bars.
  • Hopefully fixed bugs with accessing friend information and seeing the attack friends page.
  • Fixed the invite dialog and hooked it directly up to the link in main nav.
  • Fixed (boooo!) the ad banners, so we can make money again.

And here's a list of more technical stuff that you won't care about:

  • Put all the code in source control! Wow that was desperately needed.
  • Significantly improved our deployment system, so updates can happen instantaneously with no downtime, and we can also instantly roll back in the event of a big bug.
  • Stop showing details of database errors when they occur, just show a generic error to normal users.
  • Upgraded the Facebook PHP and JavaScript SDKs.
  • Removed a lot of old unused garbage files.

I have already noticed one small bug - you'll see on the attack friends and profile page that a link comes up, asking you to allow the app to see your friends. The new version of the Facebook API requires that we ask specifically now, but all existing users should already have given permission. So the link shouldn't be showing up for you. But when I upgraded the javascript stuff today, it changed how that worked, and the code that figures out that it shouldn't be shown got broken. I'll get that fixed tonight or maybe tomorrow. Clicking on the link won't do anything bad, so don't worry. It's just a bit annoying.

Title: Re: OMG Real PD1 Updates! WHAT?!?!
Post by: Tesserex on July 04, 2014, 02:23:03 pm
I've just deployed a fix to the friends link issue described above, and also to a bug that caused redirects to a nonexistent URL when a session expired.